The Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos (ANGF) was formed as a united international association to serve as a voice for the promotion and preservation of Mexican folklore traditions.

We aim to actively pursue the research, education, and artistic representation of the rich dance, music, and folk art traditions of Mexico. We also aim to promote and generate a greater understanding of interrelated folk cultural traditions through our organization. We are here to serve our communities through our distinct culture, educational goals, and outreach endeavors. We acknowledge that it is through collective dialogue and communal practices that we can actively advance the edification of our history and traditions and other goals set forth by ANGF’s founding fathers.

ANGF was established in Albuquerque, New México in 1973. In July 2008, the membership passed a resolution to give the policy, fiscal, and judicial scope of authority of the organization to the board of directors.

In April 2009, the board adopted an ANGF restructure model to enhance ANGF’s dedication to the research of, preservation of, presentation of, and education of indigenous and mestizo culture as well as other related folklore within the realm of dance, music, and the visual arts.
In 1974 the ANGF President, Ismael Valenzuela, had an open contest among all individuals involved in the folklorico movement for the creation of a logo. For nearly 40 years the ANGF logo has been the ANGF representation of music, movement, tradition and more. For the first time in many years we can view the ANGF logo with a fresh look, understanding the history and purpose of the icons.

Rick Moreno, artist, recounts the imagery of the ANGF Logo:
"The overall shape of the logo is a guitara and it represents the music, a culebra is making the basic shape of the guitara and its frets and is also a beautiful dance from the state of Jalisco. The sound hole is the Sombrero Charro looking down, a bird’s eye view, the enlarged boot represents the zapateado of most of the bailes mestizos folcloricos. The cabeza prehispanico represents the ancient prehispanic influence and spirit it is also the foundation of the boot. The initials ANGF come from the forehead of the cabeza prehispanico. The skirt under the sombrero represents the influence of mujeres and represents movement."